Life On Death Row: Part 3: Prison Chain Gang

By: Travis Runnels

(Continued from Part 2)

I have seen it with my own eyes.

I have been in a prison with almost one thousand prisons are called out for field work.

A long line of trailers, loading up prisoners, one by one.

Part 3: Prison Chain Gang

When the day is finally over for the prisoners working, you hear “Hat Time!”

Everyone lines up with the tools on their shoulder.

You walk by the tool wagon and drop the tools off to a prisoner who is collecting them.

They all walk around to the back gate of the prison.

The prisoners line up naked, their clothes in their hands.

The guards each call a prisoner. One by one.

Once a prisoner is standing in front of a guard, they hand over their clothes.

The guard searches the clothes and tosses them on the ground.

Then the prisoner must raise their hands, raise their testicles, feet, open their mouth, and then turn and spread their buttocks.

Finally they are waved on and the next prisoner is called.

After searched, the prisoners can pick up their clothes, get dressed, and wait in line.

This goes on until each prisoner is searched.

There is only one way to understand this story…

To be a prisoner and standing their in this exact circumstance.

Only through experience can you truly understand what it is like to be grouped together with so many sweaty and smelly bodies.

A memory that is forever branded in your mind.

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